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Knowledge Born Allah

Dr. EnQi

Brianna Jovahn



Queen MyQuality also known as Michaela Shanay to those closest to her.

Queen MyQuality is a Radio/TV personality, actress and philanthropist. Born and raised on the Southside of Fort Worth, Texas but a newly New York resident. Queen MyQuality started Michaelasoforreal Podcast (now MyQualityIsForReal) in November of 2018 on her couch using the Anchor App. The goal in mind was to shed light on and help promote local entrepreneurs by interviewing them and giving them a platform. Whether it be artist, authors, photographers, actors/actresses or your local mom and pop small business owner. Being a part time entrepreneur herself still having to clock in from 9 to 5, she wanted Michaelasoforreal to be a safe place to share the real stories of the ups and downs of being your own boss. Also giving useful tips and information to those inspiring to take the leap and become a full time entrepreneur. Even though the name changed (MyQualityIsForReal), the goal never did. Now MyQualityIsForReal has expanded to a brand not only being an advocate for entrepreneurs, but an advocate for the original black woman. Dedicated to empowering, encouraging, inspiring and uplifting the original black woman as society has brainwashed us into not loving ourselves and believing that our Quality is not for real. That is so far from truth and MyQualityIsForReal is here to change that narrative once and for all.





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